This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Adding previews to your approval application

The approval server preview feature allows approvers to view a list of all the approvers for a request, on all levels of an approval hierarchy. To cause the approval server to generate a list of approvers for a process, you configure a value in the Generate Approvers field of the Process Definition form. The approval server gathers this data at the appropriate stage of the approval process and stores it in the AP:PreviewInfo form.

To allow users to view this list and to add approvers at run time, you create a form that retrieves the list from the AP:PreviewInfo form, and gathers data interactively from the user for the Add-PGNA-Values command. The preview feature is designed to work with a Parameterized Get Next Approver Rule.

To retrieve the list of approvers for a request the AP:PreviewInfo form requires the process name, request ID, and the type of preview as input. You can provide these values in the ShowForProcess, Request/Ticket Number, and Retrieval Type fields.

You can specify one of the following retrieval types:

  • Full — Shows completed, pending, and future approval signatures.
  • Remaining — Shows pending and future approval signatures.
  • Completed — Shows completed and future approval signatures.

As shown in the following figure, the preview list includes the status of the signatures.

AP:PreviewInfo form
(Click the image to expand it.)

To allow users to preview and add approvers

  1. Create a form that will display the preview list and gather the information from the user to add another approver.
  2. Create a table field on the form that queries the AP:PreviewInfo form.
    For example, the following figure illustrates a form that retrieves the approver list for a request in the Lunch Scheduler sample application, and prompts users to enter the level and name of an added approver.
    For information about creating forms and retrieving data from another form, see Creating join forms.

    Example form with preview table and input fields
    (Click the image to expand it.)
  3. Create filter workflow that executes the Add-PGNA-Values command, for example:

Application-Command Approval Add-PGNA-Values -t "$Signature ID add$" -o $Rule Name$ -l "$Short Description$"

This command stores the added approver values, such as level and approver name, for use by a Parameterized Get Next Approver rule.

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