This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Adding a flashboard to a BMC Remedy AR System form

To enable users to view a flashboard, you must add a Data Visualization field to an BMC Remedy AR System form, and then reference the flashboard in the field. After you insert the field into a form, you can associate the field with workflow in the same way that you would for other BMC Remedy AR System form fields. See Data visualization fields.

To add a flashboard to a BMC Remedy AR System form 

  1. Make sure that the BMC Remedy Mid Tier is running so that you can view the web content as you are creating the field.
  2. In BMC Remedy Developer Studio, open the form on which to place the flashboard.


    In BMC Remedy Developer Studio, you will not able to see flashboards that use the Adobe Flash technology (the default format).

    To view a default flashboard (which uses Flex technology), open the form in a browser or in BMC Remedy User. For information about the different flashboards formats, see Modifying properties for a flashboard. 

  3. Select a form view.

  4. Right-click on the form view, and select Create a New Field > Data Visualization.


    When the Data Visualization field allocated for the flashboard is too small, the flashboard is not displayed properly. If you are using the default format, the user can view the flashboard properly in Full Screen mode.

  5. Select the field.

  6. In the Properties tab, set the values for the following properties: 


    Module Type



    Server that contains the flashboard 

    Definition Name

    Name of the flashboard you want to display

  7. In the Properties tab, set the value for Custom Properties, as needed. See Changing display parameters for flashboards.

  8. Set the rest of the properties, as needed. See Field properties.

  9. Save your changes.

    View the form in a web browser or BMC Remedy User.

The following sections explain more about adding a flashboard to a BMC Remedy AR System form:

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