This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Add workflow to your approval server forms

The three-way join forms in the sample applications each have a button labeled Manage More Information. This button opens a dialog box that allows the user to review and respond to the More Information requests associated with the current approval request. The AP-Sample:Lunch Scheduler form contains the buttons Show Approval Summary and Show Signatures, which allow approvers to see signature details about the current request.


To use similar buttons in your application, you must add them to the appropriate form, and create the workflow to implement them. One way to do this is to copy the workflow objects from the sample applications.

This section describes how to create a Manage More Information button on the three-way join form for your application. You can use a similar procedure to add the Show Approval Summary and Show Signatures buttons.

The Manage More Information button in the sample applications links to the AP:Dtl-Sig-MoreInfoDialog form, which enables you to create More Information records and lists the existing ones. However, BMC recommends that you use the appropriate fields on AP:Show-Detail to create such records. See Form to view More Information requests related to current approval request and Form to view history of activities on a request for an approval process.

To see how the Manage More Information button works in the sample applications, use BMC Remedy Developer Studio to review the button on the AP-Sample:Lunch-Detail-Signatu form. Also review the active links AP-Sample-Dtl-Sig:MoreInfo01 through AP-Sample-Dtl-Sig:MoreInfo06.

For information about adding fields to forms, including buttons, see Creating and managing fields.

For information about creating active links, see the Creating active links.

To add a Manage More Information button

  1. Create a button on the three-way join form for your application. The name of the button is not critical to its function.
  2. Assign the field ID 13198 and grant the Public permission to the button.
  3. Make a copy of each active link named AP-Sample-Dtl-Sig:MoreInfo01 through AP-Sample-Dtl-Sig:MoreInfo06:
    1. Open the active link to be copied.
    2. Select File > Save Active Link As.
    3. Give the new copy a name that is appropriate for your application.
    4. In the Form Name field, select the three-way join form and deselect the sample application forms.
    5. Save the changes.

      Copying AP-Sample-Dtl-Sig: MoreInfo01 through MoreInfo06
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