This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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1925 to 1963 - BMC Remedy AR System server windows client frame and client symbol errors

The following table describes BMC Remedy AR System server windows client frame and client symbol errors: 

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Windows Client Frame errors

1925 ErrorFailed to create the window
1926 ErrorUnable to initialize frame
1927 ErrorUnable to initialize frame client

Windows Client Symbol errors

1950 ErrorError loading menu
1951 ErrorFailure trying to expand character menu
1952 ErrorUnable to load menu
1953 ErrorError group information
1954 ErrorFailure loading group information
1955 ErrorError creating a menu — menu too large
1956 Error

An associated error message will appear, based upon the error condition.

1957 ErrorUnable to write to file: <file name>
1958 ErrorUnable to read file <file name>
1959 ErrorUnable to create work buffer for file: <file name>
1960 ErrorCan not write file: <file name> to disk
1961 Error

You are trying to access a menu with more than <# of entries> entries — the menu will be truncated

1962 ErrorError creating menu — out of resources
1963 ErrorUnable to load help

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