This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing server group actions

The following information appears in the fields on the Server Events form when a server group activity is recorded:

  • Event Type: 15
  • Event Cause: Failover (1), relinquish (2), takeover (3)
  • Event Details 1: Server performing action
  • Event Details 2: Name of operation
  • Event Details 3: Other server
  • Request ID: The unique number assigned to identify a particular request
  • Event Date: Time and date that the event occurred
  • Submitter: User who caused the server group action event

The following table describes specific details of server group actions.

Server group actions



Cause Description

Event Details 1

Event Details 2

Event Details 3



Server in group fails over an operation

Server that an operation is failing over to.

Name of the operation involved. 

Server that an operation is failing over from. 



Server in group is relinquishing an operation

Server relinquishing an operation.

Name of the operation involved.

Server expected to take over a relinquished operation.



Server in group takes over an unowned operation.

Server taking over an unowned operation.

Name of the operation involved.


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