This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Viewing overlays

To view overlay objects, you must use Best Practice Customization mode of BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

To view overlay objects (except Form view overlay or Field overlay)

  1. Open the appropriate object list.
    The overlays for active links, active link guides, escalations, filters, filter guides, forms, local applications, menus, packing lists, and web services have overlapping blue and gray squares on their icons.
    For example, the following image is the icon of a form overlay:

  2. Double-click the overlay object in the object list.
    The overlay object is opened in the appropriate editor.

To view the customization type for the AR System object

  1. Open the appropriate object list.
  2. Open the AR System server object in the editor. The title bar in the editor displays the object name and its customization type. See the following image:
    Customization type displayed in object editor

To view the overlay type for the object properties

You can view the overlay details for object properties in the following interfaces:

  • Overlay details in tooltip

    The properties of a form and its workflow objects are available inside separate panels in the Definitions tab. When you hover on the object definition, Developer Studio displays a tooltip for the overlay type and the customizations that have been made to the property. The following figure shows a tooltip:
    Overlay tooltip

  • Overlay details in panel title

    When the panels are collapsed, the overlay details for the properties are displayed as part of the panel title as shown in the following figure:
    Overlay details at a glance

  • Overlay Information column

    The Overlay Information column for Group Permissions, Subadministrator, and Indexes displays the overlay details as shown in the following figures: 
    Group Permission overlay

    Subadministrator Permissions overlay

    Index overlay

    Associated Forms


    The Overlay info column does not display any information for custom objects.

To view a view overlay

In the form editor, open the form that contains the overlay form view. Overlay views have the following icon along with the form name:

To view a Field overlay

  1. In the form editor, open the form that contains the overlay field.
  2. Select the form view that contains the overlay field.
    In the Outline tab, overlapping blue and gray squares appear on the icons of all overlay fields. For example, see the icon of the *Request ID8 field in the following figure:

  3. In the Outline tab, select the appropriate overlay field to display its properties in the *Properties8 tab.
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