This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Use case scenario related to workflow with a dynamic data source

This use case scenario describes a Set Fields action in an active link that uses the SAMPLE DATA data source. The SetFldTarget form is the form associated with the active link. It contains two fields, RunTimeServer and RunTimeForm. The values in these fields, entered by the user or set by workflow, determine at runtime which server and form are used as sources in the Set Fields action. (When these values are set by workflow, these fields can be hidden or read-only.)

In this scenario, a record exists in the SourceFormA form on the Calbro1 server. The Item Description field in this form contains the value Test Data. When a user clicks a button on the SetFldTarget form that triggers the active link, the active link determines that the source server is Calbro1 and the source form is SourceFormA. Based on the field mappings in the active link, the workflow obtains the value Test Data from the Item Description field in the appropriate record in SourceFormA on Calbro1 and sets that value into the Short Description field on the SetFldTarget form.

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