This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Understanding the Server Events form

The Server Events form captures the server changes that you record. To access this form in a browser, open the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console and click System > General > Review Server Events.

You can use the Server Events form to notify other servers of cache changes if multiple servers are sharing the same database. The form can also notify interested clients of cache changes and user or group events. For more information, see Using server events in workflow.


You might find server events especially helpful in a load-balanced environment. However, with the server groups feature, you do not need to use server events as part of the mechanism for communicating between servers in a load-balanced environment. For more information, see Configuring a hardware load balancer with BMC Remedy AR System.

With the options on the Server Events tab of the BMC Remedy AR System Administration: Server Information form, you can specify which activities to record to the form. For more information about selecting Server Events options, see Setting server logging options.

The Server Events form is similar to other BMC Remedy AR System forms. You can add fields and workflow to it, but you cannot delete the reserved fields, which are discussed in the following section.

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