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Specifying fields or keywords

The BMC Remedy AR System includes several actions that involve text:

  • Sending a notification (filters and escalations)
  • Sending a message (filters and active links)
  • Running a process (filters, escalations, and active links)
  • Specifying a macro parameter (active links)

As BMC Remedy Developer Studio runs in a localized environment, you can include a field or keyword value in a character string by specifying the name of the desired field or keyword.

A C API program, however, can operate in multiple environments. Because field names and keywords vary across environments, you must specify the field ID or keyword code (which are environment-independent) to include one of these values in a character string. The following table shows the syntax for specifying a field or keyword value.


$ id $

ID of the desired field (for example, $7$)


$ code $

Code associated with the desired keyword in the ar.h file (for example, $-5$ for the current schema). Use $-1$ to specify NULL. A hyphen is required to distinguish a keyword code from a field ID.


Field IDs and keyword codes are not required when specifying a qualification string for the ARLoadARQualifierStruct function because it automatically translates all values for you.

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