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Running BMC Remedy AR System application processes from an active link

BMC Remedy AR System server provides a set of workflow commands and application commands that you can call with the Run Process action. These are described in Using Run Process and $PROCESS$ commands.

The process commands named GET-CHANGE-FLAG, SET-CHANGE-FLAG, SET-RO-TYPE, and PERFORM-ACTION- actionName are workflow-specific commands that carry out various workflow actions. These commands are executed on the client when run in active links, and on server when run in a filter or escalation.

The process commands named Application- commandName can only be executed by the server. To use an Application command in an active link, you use a special syntax to identify the server where the command will run:

  • To run the command on the current BMC Remedy AR System server, enter
  • To run the command on a difference BMC Remedy AR System server, enter
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