This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Object reservation

BMC Remedy AR System server object reservation supports team development of applications by enabling one developer to prevent other developers from modifying objects.

Object reservation permits you to perform these actions:

  • Reserve an object for your exclusive use.
  • See who has reserved objects.
  • Release a reserved object so others can modify it.
  • Open an object reserved by someone else in Read mode and view it.
  • Save a copy of an object reserved by someone else. (You cannot save a copy of a deployable application, however, because a form cannot belong to more than one deployable application.)
  • Add an object to a guide, packing list, local application, or working list, or export an object whether or not it is reserved.

Object reservation prevents you from performing these actions:

  • Import, modify, or delete an object reserved by someone else.
  • Delete a form if a workflow object reserved by someone else is related to it.
  • Delete a form joined to a form reserved by someone else (through any number of joins).
  • Add a form reserved by someone else to a deployable application.
  • Add a form to a deployable application reserved by someone else.

If you are prevented from taking an action because an objects is reserved by someone else, you can find the user who reserved it. See To list all reserved objects.


Use individual BMC Remedy AR System users with object modification. Do not share users. If the same user is connected to the same server in two different BMC Remedy Developer Studio sessions, object reservation does not prevent simultaneous modification of objects.

The AR System Version Control: Object Reservation form stores the object reservations. See BMC Remedy AR System installed forms.

For information about enabling and using object reservation, see Using object reservation.

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