This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Managing FTS capability in a server group

The FTS Management screen enables you to manage, configure, and check the status of all the FTS enabled servers in a server group.

You can perform the following tasks on this screen:

  • Update FTS configuration for all the servers in a server group.
  • Initiate re-indexing for the entire server or for a form.
  • If the re-indexing operation is in progress, check the status of that operation.

Required permissions

You must have either of the following permissions to access the FTS Management screen:

  • AR System Administrator
  • AR System Configuration Administrator
  • Integration Administrator

To configure FTS setttings for a server in the server group

The FTS Management screen enables you to perform the following operations:


View the list of servers in the server group and also view the current status and FTS configuration on a particular server.

The FTS Configuration panel displayes the following details:

  • If the selected server is FTS indexed?
  • Is it just a reader or an indexer?
  • If it is an indexer, whether indexing is enabled or not?
  • Whether re-indexing is in progress?

Select a server in the FTS Configuration panel

The Configuration panel displays the following details:

  • The Configuration panel displays detailed information for the server you select in the FTS Configuration panel. The Indexer section is disabled if the selected server is not an indexer.
  • Click Apply to apply all settings in the Configuration panel to the selected server.

For configuration information on this screen, see FTS Configuration form in the AR System Administration Console.

View the reindex options

You can view the following section of the Configuration panel only if the selected server is an FTS indexer.

This section enables you to perform the following tasks:

  • Re-index the entire server or a single form. 
  • Select either Server or Form Name to re-index.

The following section of the panel is visible only if the selected server is an FTS Indexer and the re-index operation is in progress.

This section shows the current status of the re-index process and provides the following details:

  • When the reindex started?
  • How many rows were to be processed?
  • How many rows are processed so far?
  • Failures (if any) during re-index
  • Re-index progress
Reindex the indexer server

The Reindex option on the FTS Management screen enables you to reindex the indexer server.

  1. Select either Server or Form to trigger the reindex operation. 
    Serverthe re-index operations start on all the indexer servers.
    Formthe re-index operation starts for the selected form on all the indexer servers.
  2. Click Reindex.

To use the Advanced Configuration option for the server group

The Advanced FTS Configuration dialog opens when you click the Advanced button on the Configuration panel.


When you use this option, all the configurations are applied to all the servers in the server group. 

Data in all the fields on this form is populated from the first indexer server. You can change these settings. For more information about the settings, see FTS tab configuration options.

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