This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Gathering information for support

In case you need to contact BMC Remedy AR System support to troubleshoot issues with the product, it will help to have the following diagnostic information.

General information

Have the following general information available for all the components:

  • Hardware details.
  • Operating system vendor and version.
  • AR System server version.
  • Server locale.
  • Available memory for the system.
  • Database vendor and version.

In addition,

  • Export configurations for the required component from the CCS form. Refer the knowledge article Remedy - Server - How can I export all my Centralized Configuration data into a single document? .
  • Use the maintenance tool to zip the configs and logs.

Collecting AR System server information

AR System server information

Log files stored in the

Configuration files

  • Number of servers in server group
  • Data exported from the rankings table
  • arerror.log
  • arapi.log
  • arsql.log
  • armonitor.log
  • arexception.log
  • ardebug.log

The log files are stored in the <Install Directory>\BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\Db folder.

  • The ar.cfg file, stored in the ARSystemInstallDir\conf\ folder. (The ar.conf file, stored in the ARSystemInstallDir/conf folder)
  • The armonitor.cfg file, stored in the ARSystemInstallDir\conf\ folder. (The armonitor.conf file, stored in the /etc/arsystem/ARServerID/armonitor.conf folder.)


Some other log files may be required depending upon the issue reported.

Collecting Mid tier information

Mid tier server

  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier version
  • Web server vendor and version
  • JSP engine vendor and version
  • Java version
  • Mid-tier log files
  • JVM memory settings
  • Proxy server information
  • Load balancer information/configuration
  • Is the mid tier on the same machine as the AR System server(s)?
  • Browsers used to reproduce the problem (including version and operating system)

Have the file available if Support needs it to analyze your issues.

Collecting BMC Remedy Email Engine information

If you have an issue with the BMC Remedy Email Engine, prepare information for the AR System server as well.

  • Email details
    • Details of Email engine logs located at install directory/aremail/logs/email.log.

  • Configuration details
    • Incoming mailboxes
    • Outgoing mailboxes
    • Export data from AR system email mailbox configuration form.

    • Mail server details for example, exchange server and its version.

    • Export data from AR System Service Failover Ranking.

Have the following files available if support needs them to analyze your issues:

  • Log files
  • Registry export (found in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Remedy)

Collecting BMC Remedy Assignment Engine information

Have the following information available for the Assignment Engine:

  • Information of the server used for installing the Assignment Engine.
  • Assignment log files can help you identify functionality issues that might be encountered because the rules are not set up correctly or the processes are not configured correctly.
  • For more information on enabling Assignment Engine logs, see Configuring the Assignment Engine server settings.

Collecting BMC Remedy Approval Server information

Have the following information available for the Approval Server:

  • Information of the server used for installing the Approval Server.
  • Approval Server version displayed in Share:Application properties.
  • Ranking if used in a server group.
  • Is the approval server on same machine as the AR System servers?

Have the following Approval Server files available if support needs them to analyze your issues:

  • Log file for Approval Server debug logging (To turn on this log, go to the AP:Administrator form, and click the Server Settings link, and select Approval Debug Mode check box.)
  • Dispatcher log files if the requests are not been processed (To turn on dispatcher logging, add the Dispatch-Log-File parameter to the [ar.cfg (ar.conf)] file with the file name that you want to use.)

Collecting Data Import Tool information

Have the following information available for the Data Import Tool:

  • Information of the server used for installing the Data Import Tool
  • Java version
  • Import log files
  • Information about the AR server used with the Data Import Tool
  • JVM memory settings

Collecting BMC Atrium CMDB information

Servers used for CMDB data import and reconciliation

  • AR System version
  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier version
  • Java version
  • AR System multi-server license
  • AR System Next Request ID Block Size
  • Number of configuration items planned
  • Additional virtual memory available
  • Additional database tablespace available
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