This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Full Text Search logs

When and why you need to use/access the FTS logs?  Any specific permissions to access these logs? (Admin)

Perform the following steps to collect and send FTS logs to BMC Support.

Collect logsDetermine whether the search originated on an Indexer or Searcher (user-facing) server. 
  • If you are performing a search on an Indexer server, obtain logs from the arfts.log file located in the <ARServerInstallDir>/ARServer/Db folder. When you are running the full text search on the Indexer server, you must enable the FTS debug logging
  • If you are performing a search on the Searcher server, obtain logs from the arfts-searcher.log file located in the folder mention below:
    • UNIXARServerInstallDir/Arserver/Db
    • WindowsARSystem\Arserver\Db
    For more information, see the Knowledge article 000147302.
Enable logging

Enable API and SQL logging from the server from which you are running the search. For more information about enabling logging, see Enabling server-side AR System logs

Consider the following points before you enable logging:

  • Remove the previous logs from the db directory. This helps in reducing the size of the file you send to BMC Support.
  • Rename the log file so that it is easier to identify.
  • Make sure that the log file includes the time stamp of when the issue was reproduced.
  • You can enable logs across multiple servers in a server group. For more information, see Managing logs for server group.

If you are using load balanced environment;

  • Enable API and SQL logging from all user facing servers in the server group.
  • Enable debug searcher logging from the indexing server.
Reproduce the issueReproduce the issue in your environment and note the following details:
  • Name of the user performing the search
  • Search criteria used
  • Time period
Run the Log Zipper utility

Consider the following points while running the Log Zipper utility:

  • Allow three to five minutes for log buffering to be cleared before running the Log Zipper utility.
  • Select the file
Disable loggingDisable logging on the Indexer and Searcher server.

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