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Enabling client-managed transactions

A client can perform multiple API calls within a single transaction to ensure that all operations are committed or rolled back together, and to ensure that later API calls within the transaction can see operations that previous calls in the transaction performed in the database.


Bulk API calls perform multiple API calls that write to the database in a single transaction and are more efficient than using client-managed transactions. Use these calls unless you must perform queries within a transaction that can return data from previous operations in the same transaction.

To allow clients to begin and end database transactions, BMC Remedy AR System includes the following functions:

All entry APIs called between these two functions take place in the same database transaction.  The calls are:

  • GetEntry
  • CreateEntry
  • GetEntryBlob
  • GetMultipleEntries
  • SetEntry
  • DeleteEntry
  • MergeEntry
  • GetListEntry
  • GetEntryStatistics
  • ServiceEntry
  • GetListEntryWithFields
  • XMLCreateEntry
  • XMLSetEntry
  • XMLGetEntry
  • XMLServiceEntry
  • XMLDeleteEntry
  • BulkEntry
  • BulkEntryCommit
  • BulkEntryRollback
  • BulkEntryBegin
  • GetListEntryBlocks
  • GetOneEntryWithFields
  • GetListEntryWithMultiSchemaFields

A client can issue CMDB and BMC Remedy AR System API calls that take place in the same database transaction.  To allow this, BMC Remedy AR System also includes the following functions:

Unique handles are generated for every new transaction that is started so that clients cannot use old handles to access other client-managed transactions. Any call that includes a handle that the server cannot find returns an error.

At the end of any these functions, the status is examined. If an error is returned, the entire transaction is rolled back, and the database connection dedicated to the transaction is freed. The handle is removed.

These functions give you control over entry-related APIs (such as ARMergeEntry). You cannot use a design-time function (such as ARCreateSchema) to get control over the entry-related APIs.

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