This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Represents a recursive query. This structure replaces ARMultiSchemaRecursiveQueryStruct used in earlier releases.

typedef struct ARMultiSchemaRecursiveFuncQueryStruct {
    ARNameType                               recursiveSchemaAlias;
    ARMultiSchemaFuncQueryFromList           queryFromList;
    ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncList               getListFieldFuncs;
    ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct         *startQual;
    ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct         *recursionQual;
    int                                      levelsToRetrieve;
} ARMultiSchemaRecursiveFuncQueryStruct;

This structure has these elements:




Alternative name for the form that contains the hierarchical data. Form aliases are defined in the ARMultiSchemaQueryFromStruct structure.


List of forms to query, including the form with the hierarchical data and any other forms that you need to join with it to get the required data.


The fields to return with each entry. Each element has a new funcId member.

  • To request the field value, specify AR_MULTI_SCHEMA_FUNC_NONE.
  • To request the value of that function applied to the field, specify AR_MULTI_SCHEMA_FUNC_ {COUNT,SUM,AVG,MIN,MAX}


Pointer to a qualification that identifies one or more parent entries for the recursive query.


Pointer to a qualification that specifies the conditions (parent-child relationship) that a child record must meet to be returned by the recursive query. This relationship is represented by ARMultiSchemaQualifierStruct.


Integer that specifies the number of levels in the hierarchy to retrieve. To retrieve one level below the parent, specify 2. To retrieve two levels below the parent, specify 3, and so on. To retrieve all entries in the hierarchy, set this element to 0.


By default, the maximum value of AR_MAX_RECURSION_LEVEL_DEFAULT is 25. To change the default, go to the BMC Remedy AR System Administration: Server Information form's Advanced tab, and enter a new default value in the Maximum Depth for Hierarchical Query field.

If the levelsToRetrieve element is set to 0, this setting prevents an infinite loop.

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