This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Represents a subquery for the IN or NOT IN operators. Each IN and NOT IN operation can be performed on only one field. This structure replaces ARMultiSchemaValueSetQueryStruct used in previous versions.

typedef struct ARMultiSchemaFuncValueSetQueryStruct {
    ARMultiSchemaFuncQueryFromList               queryFromList;
    ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncStruct                 fieldFunc;
    ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct             *qualifier;
} ARMultiSchemaFuncValueSetQueryStruct;

This structure has these elements:




List of items for the primary query to search. Do not include recursive queries in this list.


Internal ID of the field whose value must match a value in the value set, and allows you to specify the aggregate function to use on the field, if any.


Pointer to the qualifier for the subquery that retrieves the value set. The qualifier is represented by ARMultiSchemaQualifierStruct.

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