This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

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Represents a qualification, and allows you to use aggregates when constructing a having clause in the SQL.

The definition for ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct is:

typedef struct ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct {
    unsigned int                                 operation;
    union {
      ARMultiSchemaFuncAndOrStruct               andor;
      struct ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct    *notQual;
      struct ARMultiSchemaFuncRelOpStruct        *relOp;
      ARMultiSchemaFieldFuncStruct               fieldFunc;
   } u;
} ARMultiSchemaFuncQualifierStruct;

This structure has these elements:




Integer that specifies the type of conditional operation to perform:

  • 0AR_COND_OP_NONE (No qualification)
  • 1AR_COND_OP_AND (Qualification uses the AND operator)
  • 2AR_COND_OP_OR (Qualification uses the OR operator)
  • 3AR_COND_OP_NOT (Qualification uses the NOT operator)
  • 4AR_COND_OP_REL_OP (Qualification uses a relational operator)
  • 5AR_COND_OP_FROM_FIELD (Qualification is in a field on the form)


Holds information for an AND or OR operation.


Pointer to an ARMultiSchemaQualifierStruct structure.


Pointer to ARMultiSchemaRelOpStruct structure.


ID of the field that the qualification operates on, and allows you to specify the aggregate function to use with the HAVING clause. If used in join criteria, this field cannot be a diary field, a long character field, a currency field, or a status history field.

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