This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy Action Request System.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Analyzing AR System Log Analyzer output

AR System Log Analyzer provides a summary of API and SQL activity captured in BMC Remedy AR System logs. This tool is useful for investigating performance issues reported with BMC Remedy AR System applications. The tool is similar to database performance tools. This section describes how to use the tool to generate the output file and analyze it.


The AR System Log Analyzer provides the following enhancements and features:

  • Ability to filter the log file based on specific user
  • Ability to filter the log file during a specific time period
  • Better handling of the AR 7.6.x and AR 8.0 logs
  • Ability to get the statistics of queued API calls, with TOP N list
  • Ability to collect report statistics on the long queued API calls

  • A logging parameter called Queue Delay shows the length of the time an API call has to stay in the queue. For more information about this parameter, see Setting server statistics options.

Before you begin

Before using AR System Log Analyzer, ensure that you have performed the following tasks:

To use AR System Log Analyzer to analyze performance issues



Install AR System Log Analyzer

Install tools for analysis

Run arpreparelogs

Generate a single log file to analyze

Run AR System Log Analyzer (arwklga)

Generate summary results

View AR System Log Analyzer output

Confirm the log captures relevant activity and scope of analysis

Investigate slow API operations

Identify slow API operations or SQL statements

Analyze thread statistics

Identify improper thread allocation or bottlenecks

Assess relevance of performance issues

Prioritize which issues to investigate further

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