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About Oracle LOBs

The Oracle database provides two options for storing data in large object (LOB) columns in a database table:

  • In-row option — Stores the LOB column in the row (inline) with other columns in the same data block if the length of the LOB is less than 4000 bytes. (This is the default option.)
  • Out-row option — Stores the LOB column out of the row in a separate LOB segment.

If the length is greater than 4000 bytes, the LOB value is stored out of the row in the LOB segment no matter which storage option is specified.

To specify the storage option at the Oracle database level, use the ENABLE|DISABLE STORAGE IN ROW clause of the CREATE TABLE statement.

To control Oracle character large object (CLOB) storage at the system level, use the AR System server configuration file Oracle-Clob-Storage-In-Row option.

A CLOB can hold more than 4000 characters. To create a CLOB in BMC Remedy AR System, use one of the following fields:

  • BMC Remedy AR System character field with a database input length of 0
  • BMC Remedy AR System diary field 

Setting CLOB fields to be stored in-row can save storage space and improve performance for values that have fewer than 4000 characters. When values have more than 4000 characters, the in-row option is similar to the out-row option with respect to storage and performance. Although the in‑row option saves space and improves performance in many cases, BMC recommends that you conduct similar benchmark tests with your data to determine which option is best for your environment.

For details about the CLOB data type and different storage options, see your Oracle documentation.


In BMC Remedy AR System, the attachment field creates a BLOB column. BLOBs are stored in separate tables as part of the BMC Remedy AR System schema design. By default, BLOBs are stored in-row and are not affected by the Oracle-Clob-Storage-In-Row server configuration option.

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