VSAM file control table data set - remote VSAM access services

To enable file sharing, AR/CTL uses the VSAM file control table data set. AR/CTL accesses this data set from each CICS region and batch application program execution that participates in file sharing. The data set name must be the same for all participants in file sharing across a SYSPLEX or stand-alone MVS image. Typically, this data set is allocated and formatted during AR/CTL configuration.

To provide access to the VSAM file control table data set in a CICS region, the CICS system programmer adds a DD statement to the CICS startup JCL; the ddname in the CICS JCL must be ARVFCTAB.

To provide access to the VSAM file control table data set in batch application program execution, you can use either of two methods:

  • You can include a DD statement in the execution JCL, as explained in Using AR/CTL DD statements. You can use any ddname, but you must use the VSAM File Control Table DDname processing option to identify this ddname to AR/CTL.

  • You can create a dynamic allocation record (ddname ARVFCTAB) in the REGISET, as explained in the Reference section. The dynamic allocation record method requires no JCL changes.

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