Using IMS compatible checkpoint/restart calls

This section describes how to use IMS compatible checkpoint/restart calls. The following table summarizes information about the IMS format calls that an IMS compatible application program can issue to request checkpoint/restart support.

IMS compatible checkpoint/restart call summary

Function codeUseDescription
XRSTcheckpoint/restart supportset up the extended checkpoint/restart environment, invoke AR/CTL to perform restart in restart situations
CHKPcheckpoint/restart supportinitiate checkpoint processingCheckpoint pacing requirements determine whether this call results in an actual checkpoint taken.

For convenience, this section refers to the calls that the application program issues to the langTDLI module (where lang is the programming language) by the function code in the calls. For example, the XRST call is used to refer to the call to langTDLI with the XRST function code.

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