Using enhanced call tracing

AR/CTL provides enhanced call tracing to help you develop, test, debug, and audit application programs. This section describes how to implement enhanced call tracing in an application program.

To use enhanced call tracing, you can allocate the trace data set (ddname ARCDLTRC) in the JCL, or AR/CTL can allocate it dynamically from an ARCDLTRC allocation member. Then you must use the OCI or the TRACE keyword in the ARCSYSIN control statement data set to tell AR/CTL when to start tracing. To stop tracing before the end of the job step, you must use the OCI. The following sections discuss these topics in detail.


Although enhanced call tracing has an insignificant effect on overall system performance, it can degrade application program performance during tracing. You may want to use it only for diagnosing program problems or only during a portion of the program execution.

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