Specifying DB2 connection information

The method that AR/CTL uses to obtain connection information depends on whether the application program does not use IMS, uses IMS, or is compatible with IMS but IMS is not present.

Non IMS programs

During initialization of a non IMS program, AR/CTL tries to obtain DB2 subsystem connection information first from an SSM stored in the AR/CTL procedure library (ddname ARCSSMLB). To determine the name of the member to use, AR/CTL appends the value of the SSM parameter (which can be specified on the EXEC statement) to the ARCID.

The SSM contains a control statement that defines the DB2 connection information. If you use SSMs, one SSM is required for each DB2 subsystem that AR/CTL communicates with. For a non IMS program, the control statement consists of the DB2 keyword and its positional parameters. If you omit an optional parameter, retain the comma to maintain the position of the other parameters. The following example shows the format for use with a DB2 program:


IMS and IMS compatible program

For a program that uses IMS or IMS compatible calls and structures, AR/CTL obtains connection information in the same way that IMS obtains it. Use the same connection techniques required for IMS and DB2 without AR/CTL: the SSM or the DDITV02 input data set. In the IMS subsystem member, you can use positional parameters or keywords. In the DDITV02 data set, you can use positional parameters.

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