Setting up DB2 connections

This section describes how to set up DB2 connection information.

For all application programs that use DB2, you must provide access to DB2 connection information at job step execution:

  • In a non IMS environment, you can create a program registration record or automatic registration record in the REGISET (the recommended method) or create a subsystem member (SSM) and specify the member name as a parameter on the EXEC statement in the JCL (the method that is compatible with previous versions of AR/CTL). If a program registration record and an SSM both apply to the application program execution, AR/CTL uses the information in the program registration record.

  • In an IMS environment, you use the same connections that you use for DB2 connections in an IMS program without AR/CTL.

When connecting to DB2, AR/CTL uses the job name as the connection name. By default, AR/CTL uses the application program name as the plan name. If the plan name is different from the program name, you can specify the plan name in the program registration record or use the resource translation table to translate the application program name to a different plan name.

You can register a program to use the AR/CTL for DB2 batch attachment facility without using other AR/CTL services.

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