Overview of AR/CTL tasks

The following table provides an overview of the tasks for using AR/CTL. Most of these tasks are discussed briefly in this section.

AR/CTL tasks





install AR/CTL, and process CPU ID password

  • Use the Installation System (the Installation System was formerly known as the OS/390 and z/OS Installer) to install AR/CT.

  • Use the Installation System to process a CPU ID password that authorizes the product to run on your processor.


Installation System documentation Open link

configure AR/CTL

Use the AR/CTL Installation System to configure AR/CTL.


Customizing after installation

implement AR/CTL in an application program and environment

You must perform certain tasks to have AR/CTL work with the application program and environment. The tasks to perform depend on: whether the program uses DB2, IMS, or VSAM; which services of AR/CTL you use; and which implementation methods you use.


Getting started with AR/CTL implementation

set up AR/CTL records

To control and customize AR/CTL processing, you can create and change AR/CTL records in the REGISET. Some records are required and are created during AR/CTL configuration.


Getting started with AR/CTL setup

operate with AR/CTL

You can work with the REGISET records that AR/CTL uses to track the status of job steps. You can also use the operational services of AR/CTL during operations.

as needed

Getting started with AR/CTL operations

exclude AR/CTL participation

AR/CTL participation might be undesirable in some cases. You can use any of several methods to prevent AR/CTL participation.

as needed

Excluding or disabling AR/CTL

test with AR/CTL

You should test AR/CTL with an application program before the program executes in a production environment with AR/CTL.

recommended before use in production

Testing the application program with AR/CTL

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