Converting from QUICKSTART for z/OS to AR/CTL

To convert from QUICKSTART to AR/CTL, perform the following steps:
  1. Install AR/CTL as described in the Installation System documentation Open link , and configure AR/CTL as described in Configuring the products.
  2. Quiesce application activity and resolve all active job step conditions by allowing active job steps to complete normally or by completing the restart.
  3. Implement AR/CTL as described in the Using section. You will use the QUICKSTART-to-AR/CTL bridge that is provided by AR/CTL to obtain checkpoint/restart services and application sequential access method (ASAM) data services.
  4. Change the JCL to execute the application program as follows:
    1. Change the EXEC statement to execute the application program directly, rather than executing another program (such as QSSTART or IKJEFT01) that connects to DB2 on behalf of the application program.
    2. You can remove the QUICKSTART load library, the QSCTRL1 control statement, and any other QUICKSTART statements; they will be ignored.
    3. You can add optional AR/CTL DD statements.

      For more information, see Using.

  5. If the QUICKSTART application program can issue rollback checkpoints, take action to handle the rollback checkpoints.

    When AR/CTL detects that the program has issued rollback checkpoints, AR/CTL abnormally terminates the program with the following messages and abend code:

    BMC152339D Termination request for job(jobname) step(stepname).
    BMC74404I PROCESS ENDED, PROGRAM=program name RC=00150225 ABEND=U1786

    If the application program normally handles rollback checkpoints by branching back to the start of the program and issuing an S-type checkpoint request, AR/CTL can provide the same results through application reattach options.

    To implement reattach processing, add a reattach class record by specifying the U1786 abend code along with the 00150225 reason code. For more information, see Reference.

  6. If QUICKSTART formerly provided checkpoint pacing for the application program, you can add an AR/CTL checkpoint pacing class for the QUICKSTART application programs.

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