AR/CTL functions

AR/CTL products use the following functions:

AR/CTL Installation System

The AR/CTL Installation System (AESIS) configures the AR/CTL products, the BMC Software subsystems, and the registration data sets. For more information, see Customizing after installation.

Communication with BMC Software subsystems

AR/CTL functions communicate with the BMC Primary Subsystem (BMCP) and the BMC Consolidated Subsystem (BCSS). These subsystems perform many APF-authorized tasks for AR/CTL products, allow implementation of AR/CTL products without JCL changes, and manage the registration data sets (collectively called the REGISET) that contain information essential to product operations. For more information, see Administering.

AR/CTL application supervisor

The AR/CTL application supervisor handles communication and coordination among AR/CTL products, the application program, and IMS (if applicable).

AR/CTL enhanced processing

AR/CTL enhanced processing provides enqueue/dequeue services for AR/CTL for VSAM. AR/CTL enhanced processing executes at the MVS system level.

Internal and external security

AR/CTL product components often require other security in addition to the security provided by the system security manager. You can use AR/CTL external or internal security to prevent unauthorized access to AR/CTL product functions and components. Access can be defined for individual users and groups of users. AR/CTL external security uses techniques compatible with the IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF). AR/CTL internal security uses an AR/CTL-defined data set and load module. For more information, see Administering.

Panels for managing the AR/CTL ISPF environment

AR/CTL products share a set of panels that you can use to manage the AR/CTL ISPF environment. They include panels for showing and hiding IMS, DB2, and VSAM information on AR/CTL panels; panels for displaying information about your system environment; and panels for setting default values for printing and submitting jobs. For more information, see Administering.

Utilities for managing the REGISET

AR/CTL products share the REGISET Copy utility, an ISPF-based utility for copying AR/CTL product records to a different REGISET (with or without a record ID change) or to the same REGISET (with a record ID change). This utility is intended for use as a migration tool to help you move from a test to a production environment. For more information, see Administering.

For IMS, DB2, and VSAM functions, see:

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