Viewing VM statistics on the Collector

After you set up the connection to your virtual machine (VM) managers, you can ensure that the Real User Collector identifies all your VMs on the Virtualization Statistics page. The Web servers pie chart shows the ratio of all virtual web servers, including visible servers that have installed VMWare tools, as well as physical web servers.

For example, if you know that 80% of your servers are virtual, and the system reports that only 20% of the identified servers are virtual, you must verify that you have configured a connection to all your VM managers.

To get information about virtualization statistics

To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.

  1. In the Real User Collector interface, go to Administration > Integration, and click VM Visibility.
  2. Click Virtualization statistics.
    The Web servers pie chart opens.
  3. To see a certain statistic about VMs, click this statistics on the chart. For example, clicking the statistics for Virtual web servers opens a list of the virtual web servers that the system identified in the last 60 minutes.

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