Viewing event thresholds (SLAs) of applications

In the TrueSight console, you can view performance and availability event thresholds based on service-level agreement (SLA) parameters for automatically discovered applications and manual applications that use end-user monitoring. These parameters are set by an application specialist to ensure that your organization meets obligations for user satisfaction. You can also view notification settings for performance and availability events. Threshold settings apply to each transaction entry point in an automatically discovered application or application with end-user monitoring.

You can see event thresholds for application performance and availability:

  • Minor threshold indicates a possible problem
  • Critical threshold indicates that the problem requires immediate attention

The thresholds determine when the system detects a Minor or Critical event on each transaction entry point: when the system displays the event in the TrueSight console and when notifications are sent.

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Before you begin

To perform this procedure, you must have Application Operator-level access, or higher.

To view performance and availability event thresholds

  1. From the TrueSight console navigation pane, select Configuration > Applications
  2. Click the name of an automatically discovered application, or an application with end-user monitoring, for which you want to view the event thresholds.
  3. Click the Transaction tab.
    Depending on the kind of application you choose, the following parameters are displayed:
    • Transaction tab, event thresholds for automatically discovered applications
    • Transaction tab, event thresholds for manual applications with only end-user monitoring

For details about the specific parameters, see Configuring event thresholds (SLAs) for automatically discovered applications.

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