Upgrading Synthetic Blackouts

Starting from 11.3.02, defining Synthetic Blackout is enabled with more choices and capabilities. The upgrade process migrates the existing Blackouts at the Execution Plan level to the new top-level Synthetic Blackouts and Time Frames with the following adjustments:

  • For each Blackout configured at the Execution Plan, a corresponding Time Frame and Blackout are created:
    • Blackout name is created in the format Blackout <index>, where <index> is a number 1,2,3, and so on.
    • Time Frame name  is created in the format Time Frame <index>, where <index> is a number 1,2,3, and so on.
    • All these new Time Frames are created using the Type Weekly.
    • Time Period (UTC/Agent Local) is mapped to Time Zone in the new Blackout configuration.
    • Recurrence is mapped to the Recurrence Frequency in the new Time Frame configuration. 
    • If multiple Blackouts use the same recurrence frequency, a single Time Frame is created and is shared by multiple Blackouts.
  • For the Blackouts with Effective from or Expire on settings, the newly created Blackout is deactivated in the following cases: 
    • If Effective from > Current Time.
    • If Expire on is configured.
  • The Blackout configurations: Effective Immediately, Effective From, Never Expire, and Expire On are replaced by the new Time Frame Recurrence Frequencies: Always active, Once, Weekly, and Monthly.
Before upgradeAfter upgrade

Time Frame


For more information on configuring Blackouts and Time Frames, see Configuring and managing Synthetic Blackouts.

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