Traffic dashlet (Real User Analyzer)


BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition version is the latest version of the component and is compatible with TrueSight Operations Management versions 11.3.01 and later.

Use the Traffic dashlet to show traffic statistics for a specific Watchpoint and traffic metric. You can select a time range between last 24 hours and this month. You can also show comparisons between different time intervals.

Traffic dashlet

Configuring the dashlet

Set up the Traffic dashlet so that it shows traffic statistics for a specific Watchpoint and traffic metric.

To configure the dashlet

  1. On the dashlet shortcut menu, click Edit settings.
  2. Configure basic settings as follows:
    • In the Watchpoint list, click the Watchpoint corresponding to the object or page for which you want to display information.
    • In the Metric list, click the metric corresponding to the type of information that you want to display.
    • In the Time range list, click the period for which you want to view information.
  3. (Optional) Configure advanced settings as follows:
    • To show comparative data, in the Compare to list, click a value. The values in the list change according to the selected time range.
    • To customize the scale of data shown, clear the Auto Scale check box and enter the maximum and minimum values for the Y axis of the graph.


      If you set the minimum to a value that is greater than your data's highest value, the graph might appear empty (or empty in places). If this happens, set the minimum Y-axis value to a lesser value.

    • (Analyzer only) To change the color scheme, select a theme on the Color theme list.
    • (Analyzer only) To provide visual contrast, select the Use color background check box to set the background.
  4. Click Save.

Getting details about data on the dashlet

To display a tooltip that shows the value that a point on a graph represents, move the pointer over a bar in the graph.

To navigate from a dashlet to BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition reports or sessions:

  1. Click a bar in the bar graph or somewhere in the time-range legend.
  2. In the menu that appears, select one of the following commands: (The menu commands are available in the Console and in the Analyzer unless indicated otherwise in parenthesis.)
    • Drill down to sessions (Comparison)
    • Drill down to report (Comparison)
    • (Console only) Analyze (Comparison)

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