Synthetic Metric Rules - Event Slots at-a-glance

Event Slot - Comparison chart

Slot NameEvents View Label nameSample Value
10.7.00 11.3.01 10.7.00 11.3.01




OPERATIONS_MANAGEMENTHigh-level normalized category of the object the event represents based on an appropriate Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) core process.Same as 10.7.00
mc_event_subcategoryMonitor CategoryUSER_TRANSACTIONSUSER_TRANSACTIONSSubcategory of the object the event represents based on an appropriate Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) core process.Same as 10.7.00 Agent Host NamePortal Host Name
mc_host_addressHost Address192.168.255.254192.168.255.255TEA Agent IP addressPortal IP address
mc_host_classHost ClassTEA Agent v10.7.00.b7511.3.02TEA Agent version and build numberPortal Version
mc_locationLocationvtr.clColmar,Israel,PuneSingle location where the metric threshold was breachedLocations where thresholds breached (Comma-separated)

APPLICATION [Login]: Availability event in


\EXECUTION PLAN [Login Sucursal Virtual] at


Synthetic Rule: APPLICATION [Holmes Place]: Availability event in TRANSACTION [Holmes Place avaiability - UrlCheck] at 2 locations - Critical - UpdateSingle line event messageFormatted multi-lines event message
mc_long_msgDetailed MessageApplication: Login
Execution Plan: Login Sucursal Virtual
Transaction: TMain
Location: VTR_LAN_2
Metric Category: Transaction
Metric: Availability
Metric Rule: Login - Availability
Notification Notes: 
Error Messages: WebPageUrl(HTTP: 500 - internal server error, URL: "")

Application: Holmes Place
Transaction: Holmes Place availability - UrlCheck
Status: Open
Severity: Critical
Triggered By Rule: Availability (Global)
Event Start Time: 25/12/2018 12:40:00 (UTC+02:00)
Violation Frequency: 1/1
Metrics (1): Availability
Impacted Locations (3): Colmar, Israel, Pune

Event Details.

Note: Message includes error messages text from the execution.

Event details.

Note: Specific execution error error messages not included.

mc_object_classObject Class


Holmes Place | Holmes Place avaiability | UrlCheckIdentifies the structure of the object Id in field mc_objectTransaction name full path

Login(^_^)Login Sucursal Virtual

AvailabilityMetric name full pathMetric
mc_object_uriObject URI

'<a href="
See details in the TrueSight console.</a>';

<a href=
AppMonitoring/SyntheticHealth/EventDetails/0/b5982250-3a55-4080-b42d-dd6933c1c531/e8016416-7a9f-4c99-b04d-58c04217eb4e EventTime=1546176600000&ViolationFromTime
See details in the TrueSight console.</a>

A link to new Synthetic Health view in TrueSight console.Same as 10.7.00 Agent hostPortal host
mc_origin_classOrigin ClassTEA AgentApp Visibility PortalTEA AgentApp Visibility Portal
mc_origin_keyOrigin Key2f4b424a-3d8f-4414-931f-4ba7465e1a20e8016416-7a9f-4c99-b04d-58c04217eb4eEvent uuid in App Visibility Management PortalSame as 10.7.00
mc_parameterMetricAvailabilityAvailability (can be multiple params)Name of the metric that triggered the eventIncludes all impacted metrics (comma separated)
mc_parameter_thresholdParameter Threshold21Threshold value that was crossed to cause the generation of the eventTotal Cycles
mc_parameter_unitParameter UniterrorsViolation FrequencyMetric unitViolation Frequency
mc_parameter_valueMetric Value161Actual metric value when the event was triggeredImpacted cycles Visibility Management Portal host nameSame as 10.7.00
mc_tool_addressTool Address192.168.255.254192.168.255.252App Visibility Management Portal IP addressSame as 10.7.00
mc_tool_classTool ClassAVM SYNTHETIC METRICAVM SYNTHETIC METRICEvent Type in the App Visibility Management PortalSame as 10.7.00
Event SeveritySame as 10.7.00
apm_applicationApp Visibility Application NameLoginHolmes PlaceApplication nameSame as 10.7.00
apm_application_idApp VisibilityApplication Id28b5982250-3a55-4080-b42d-dd6933c1c531Application IdSame as 10.7.00

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