Managing the App Visibility database

As an application specialist, you might need to manage App Visibility database properties over time. During installation of the App Visibility server, you install databases for the App Visibility portal and the App Visibility collector. The databases hold configuration information, requested files, and diagnostic data for any combination of web applications, user experience data, and synthetic transactions. As your system collects data, you might need to adjust some of the database parameters.

The sections in this topic help you identify and modify database properties:

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Description of database management properties

You can modify the database parameters listed in the following table.

The parameters are located in the following files:

  • Windows
  • Linux

  • Windows
  • Linux

Maximum database size

Defined during installation, you can adjust this value higher or lower, depending on the amount of data you collect.

Data retention time

Defined during installation, you can adjust this value higher or lower depending on the amount of data and requirements to view old application data.

Database port number

Part of database.url

Defined during installation, you might need to change the port number if it is required for another application.

  • Default value for the portal database:

  • Default value for the collector database:

Database cleanup events


To prevent your database from entirely filling up, the App Visibility portal and collector databases provide a warning and maintenance mechanism that starts when data storage approaches the maximum value. The following process describes the events and data cleanup actions, as set by the parameters and the default values:

  1. When a database reaches 80% of the maximum database storage value (, a Major event is triggered.
  2. If the data continues to grow, then at 95% of the maximum value (db.cleanup.start.threshold), a Critical event is triggered. The system deletes old data until the size reaches 90% (db.cleanup.stop.threshold).
  3. The event closes when the database storage drops below 80% of the maximum value (

Events are sent to the health-events.csv file and integrated systems.

You might need to adjust the retention.time or db.max.size parameters, or contact Customer Support for more solutions.

You can modify the following default values for the cleanup events:

# Percentage of used DB space at which the cleanup process starts
db.cleanup.start.threshold = 95
# Percentage of used DB space at which the cleanup process stops
db.cleanup.stop.threshold = 90
# Percentage of used DB space at which to open major event = 80


Before you begin

Confirm that you have sized App Visibility Manager and Synthetic TEA Agent components and considered the results with your own data.

Before you change the database properties, be aware that the following effects on your system might result in data collection gaps until all services are running:

  • After you change the required properties file or files, you must restart the corresponding service or services.
  • In a high-availability environment, modify the properties files in the following order:
    1. Stop the standby component service.
    2. Modify the active component and restart the service.
    3. Modify the standby component and start the service.

To modify database size and location

  1. Open the file, the file, or both.

    If the portal and collector are installed on the same computer, ensure that both component properties files have the same database information.

  2. Update database properties in the file as required.

  3. Save and close the properties file.

  4. Restart the App Visibility portal service, collector service, or both.


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