Getting started with application monitoring

Application monitoring and management provides you, the IT Operations operator, with a visual representation of the business applications in your environment, and the ability to identify and diagnose issues. The color-coded and importance-ranked Applications page enables you to determine which applications require attention. You can drill-down to any application from the Applications page and view details on the Application Monitoring page. From the Application Monitoring page, you see all the information—transactions, application model, events, and devices—filtered by, and in the context of, the selected application. You can see the relationship between application components and understand the impact of events on your users.
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Application data providers

While any user can view application data and drill down to diagnose the root cause of a problem, no data is available until applications are in the system. An application specialist can manually create applications through TrueSight Infrastructure Management, or use the automatically generated applications throughTrueSight App Visibility Manager:

  • With TrueSight Infrastructure Management, the application specialist creates an application model in the TrueSight console. The model is a graphical representation of an application and the relationship of the infrastructure components required to support or provide data to that application.
  • With TrueSight App Visibility Manager, applications are automatically discovered and application models are automatically generated. The application specialist can fine tune and configure application discovery rules.
  • The application specialist can configure applications of any kind (automatically discovered or manually created) to provide synthetic transaction data, which help predict and monitor application performance and availability.

Identify problematic applications

From the Applications page (Monitoring > Applications) in the TrueSight console, you can see a high-level, real-time view of all your applications. You can weigh applications by importance (high, medium, low) or view them by the severity of the application events (critical, major, minor, warning, info, OK).

Example of the Applications page, sorted by importance

You can also set up dashlets to more closely monitor specific applications. From the Dashlet library , select one or more of the following dashlets:

  • ( TrueSight App Visibility Manager) Application Server Health: Displays key performance indicators for application servers that are monitored by TrueSight App Visibility Manager
  • ( TrueSight App Visibility Manager) Application View: Monitors the health and performance of live traffic and synthetic executions of an application

  • ( TrueSight App Visibility Manager or TrueSight Infrastructure Management) Applications: Displays the applications that you select

  • ( TrueSight App Visibility Manager) End User Experience Metrics: Displays the performance impact and frequency of a variety of end user attributes
  • ( TrueSight App Visibility Manager) End User Overview: Displays application statistics about end users and key metrics about performance
  • ( TrueSight App Visibility Manager) Impacted Users: Displays the number of impacted real users compared to the total number of users, over the last 24 hours
  • ( TrueSight App Visibility Manager) Top Real Transactions: Displays the most impacted (by latency or by errors), or most used, real transactions for applications monitored by TrueSight App Visibility Manager

Diagnose an application problem

Select an application to delve into information and events that are all in the context of that application.

Application View

( TrueSight App Visibility Manager ) The  Application View acquires data from TrueSight App Visibility Manager to present a holistic end-to-end view of an application. The Application View represents the selected application's logical architecture. Each tier represents the aggregated performance and availability of its member types: real users, synthetic executions, network, and back-end tiers.

With the Application View, you can pinpoint the application, date, time, and problem that you want to investigate.

Application model

The application model acquires data from TrueSight Infrastructure Management, TrueSight App Visibility Manager, or both, to display a topological application model and quickly help determine the probable cause of impacting events.

Events and devices

( TrueSight Infrastructure Management ) You can view events and devices data from TrueSight Infrastructure Management and TrueSight App Visibility Manager to display the events and devices that are associated with the specific application.

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