Cannot see App Visibility events in the TrueSight console

App Visibility events are not displayed in the TrueSight console due to configuration issues.


Although the App Visibility server and agents are installed, some or all App Visibility events are not displayed in the TrueSight console.

Probable cause

Configuration of the App Visibility components needs to be adjusted.


Install and configure all components

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Ensure that the following App Visibility components are installed and  configured.
App Visibility architecture

Configure connections for a high-availability environment

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Configure App Visibility components to connect to the App Visibility portal.

If a load-balancing server manages access to the portal, such as in a high-availability environment, use the load balancer address as the portal address.

Ensure that network ports are available and open to the firewall

Ensure that the HTTPS network ports are available. The following list presents the default ports for each component:

  • App Visibility portal: 8100 

  • App Visibility collector: 8200

  • App Visibility proxy: 8300


Synchronize network time protocol (NTP)


The data handled by application monitoring components, including all server components and agents, is time sensitive. If the time between components is not synchronized, you might see incorrect or partial data, or you might not see any data.

Consult your operating system documentation to synchronize each component's internal clock with an NTP server on your network or on the Internet. Ensure that the clocks are regularly synchronized.


Configure access between components

Ensure that the App Visibility collector callback.address is accessible from all App Visibility agents.

Ensure the configuration information is correct for all components:


Add the App Visibility portal to the Presentation Server

For details, see Adding and editing components.



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