Building a dashboard on the Analyzer


BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition version is the latest version of the component and is compatible with TrueSight Operations Management versions 11.3.01 and later.

Dashboards enable you to monitor a specific aspect of your traffic, such as performance or availability.

  • Each user can create up to 10 personal dashboards on the Analyzer.
  • Each user can add up to 20 dashlets per dashboard. To perform this procedure, you must have Observer-level access.

To add a dashboard on the Analyzer

  1. On the Action menu of the Dashboards page, click Add new dashboard.
  2. In the Dashboard title box, type a group name or select from the list the group name to add this dashboard to.
  3. In the Group title box, type a name for this dashboard's first group.
    A group is a container for dashlets. All dashboards must have at least one group.
  4. Click an option button to select a preconfigured group layout.
    A lock icon in a column of the layout indicates that the width of that column is fixed. The width of other columns adjusts dynamically to fill the group layout.
  5. Click OK.
    The new dashboard opens on the Dashboards page.
  6. Add dashlets from the Dashlet library.

To add a dashlet to a dashboard

  1. Open the Dashboards page.
  2. On the Action menu, click Add dashlets.
    The Dashlet library is displayed.
  3. Specify where to add the dashlet as follows:
    1. In the Dashboard list, click the target dashboard.
    2. In the Group list, click the target group.
  4. For each dashlet that you want to add (up to a maximum of 20), click Add this dashlet.
    A check mark is displayed to indicate that the dashlet has been added.
    You can add any dashlet to the dashboard more than once. For example, you might want to monitor the same metric but on a different server or in a different physical location.
  5. Click Back to to return to the dashboard screen.

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Dashlet settings

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