Application Performance Reporter dashlet (Real User Analyzer)


BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition version is the latest version of the component and is compatible with TrueSight Operations Management versions 11.3.01 and later.

The Application Performance Reporter dashlet shows the network performance of your web applications over the specified period of time. You can see areas where end users are experiencing poor performance due to high network usage.

The dashlet shows the statistics for the last 24 hours, last 7 days, and last 30 days. The dashlet displays N/A if data collected for the time period is insufficient to display any statistics.

Application Performance Reporter dashlet

Monitoring network performance

This dashlet shows the average network utilization percentage and average transfer rate for your web applications:

  • Network Utilization % — The amount of time spent in the network as a percentage of the overall end-to-end page response time. A high percentage indicates that end users might be experiencing application performance problems because the overall performance is being negatively impacted by network issues.
  • Transfer rate — The average amount of data being transferred for the application, measured in megabits per second (Mbps)

Viewing detailed performance statistics

Clicking any Network Utilization % value in the dashlet displays detailed performance information for the particular application and time period, including:

  • Average network time
  • Total bandwidth usage
  • Number of objects and pages transferred
  • Median, 85th percentile, and 95th percentile network time
  • Median, 85th percentile, and 95th percentile end-to-end time
  • Median, 85th percentile, and 95th percentile transfer rate

Configuring the dashlet

Configure this dashlet to show selected applications. Configuring involves setting the page Watchpoints, which correspond to the applications that you want to display.

To configure the dashlet

  1. On the dashlet shortcut menu, click Edit settings.
  2. In the Page Watchpoint section, select the Watchpoints to display.
    To select all Watchpoints, click Select all.
  3. Click Save.

Getting details about data on this dashlet

To view detailed information, click any Network Utilization % value on the dashlet. You can view these details for the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

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