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Overview of LOADPLUS user exits

The LOADPLUS for DB2 product allows you to further customize your load processing through user-written exit routines.

These user exits provide LOADPLUS with user-defined variables that you can use to construct data set name patterns with the DSNPAT installation option or command option. See DSNPAT for details about the DSNPAT option.

LOADPLUS supports user exits written in the following languages:

  • Assembler


  • IBM Language Environment COBOL (LE COBOL)

  • C

  • IBM Language Environment C (LE C)

You supply the module name and program language in either the DSNUEXIT installation or command option. The DSNUEXIT command option overrides any value in the installation options.

Depending on the type of load that you are running, LOADPLUS invokes your user-written exit routine at the beginning of either the PRELOAD phase or the COMBINED phase.

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