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Running UNLOAD PLUS jobs

After you have built your UNLOAD PLUS job, the next step is to run the job. This section describes how to invoke a job, how to restart it, and how to terminate or cancel it.


You normally invoke UNLOAD PLUS as a batch job by specifying execution of the module ADUUMAIN on the EXEC statement of your JCL and including the required EXEC statement parameters.

You must also specify any DD statements that UNLOAD PLUS requires, as described in preceding sections.

Ensure that all required libraries are available and APF-authorized as described in UNLOAD PLUS STEPLIB DD statement.

Restarting UNLOAD PLUS

Although UNLOAD PLUS accepts the values RESTART, RESTART(PHASE), NEW/RESTART, or NEW/RESTART(PHASE) if you specify one of them, the utility executes as though you specified the NEW value.

For more information, see Restart parameter.

Terminating or canceling an UNLOAD PLUS job

You can terminate an UNLOAD PLUS job by deleting the corresponding rows from the BMCUTIL and BMCSYNC tables or by specifying TERM on the restart parameter of the utility. If the job is currently running, it is terminated at the next sync point.

If you want to end the utility immediately, use the MVS or TSO CANCEL command to cancel the job.

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