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To enable read/write access to your data during unload processing, UNLOAD PLUS uses the snapshot-processing features of XBM or SUF to unload a consistent image of the data.

This feature is available only when DIRECT YES is in effect.

XBM and SUF are licensed, installed, and maintained separately from UNLOAD PLUS. You can use either XBM or SUF, depending on the license that you have obtained:

  • A license for the full version of the XBM product authorizes you to use all XBM features.

  • A license for SUF authorizes you to use only the snapshot and zIIP-processing features of XBM.


If you are licensed only for a BMC solution that contains UNLOAD PLUS, your license authorizes you to use SUF, not the full version of XBM.

For detailed information about XBM and SUF, see the EXTENDED BUFFER MANAGER for DB2 documentation .

To unload a consistent data image

  1. Ensure that a currently supported version of XBM or SUF is installed and available to UNLOAD PLUS.

    XBM and SUF require a started task.

  2. Create and activate the XBM management set that contains the appropriate snapshot object definition.
  3. Create and activate the XBM configuration that contains the appropriate cache attributes.

    For proper UNLOAD PLUS performance, ensure that XBM or SUF is configured with sufficient cache for the number of concurrent snapshots and the level of DB2 update activity at your site. For specific cache configuration information, see the EXTENDED BUFFER MANAGER and SNAPSHOT UPGRADE FEATURE User Guide.

  4. Specify SHRLEVEL CHANGE CONSISTENT YES on your UNLOAD command statement.
  5. (optional) To use a specific XBM subsystem, specify that subsystem ID with either the XBMID installation or command option.
  6. (optional) Specify the WTOMSG option to write a message to the MVS log that indicates that snapshot-processing initialization for UNLOAD PLUS has successfully completed.
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