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Overriding the MEMLIMIT system parameter

The utility requires above-the-bar memory and might abend if sufficient memory is not available.

The default value for the System Management Facility (SMF) MEMLIMIT parameter is 2 GB. This value is set in member SMFPRMxx in SYS1.PARMLIB.

To override the default MEMLIMIT value

Use one of the following methods to override the default MEMLIMIT value:

  • (recommended) Specify REGION=0M in the JCL.

  • Specify the one of the following values for the MEMLIMIT parameter in the JCL, or in an SMF IEFUSI exit:

    • Specify NOLIMIT to allow unlimited above-the-bar memory.

    • If you are unable to specify NOLIMIT, specify at least 4 GB. If you are operating on LOB or XML data, specify at least 32 GB.

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