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OUTPUT command options

The OUTPUT command tells UNLOAD PLUS to allocate output data sets (primary and secondary unload data sets and referenced file data sets) dynamically.

Specifying the OUTPUT command, output descriptors, and associated options on the UNLOAD command produces dynamically allocated output data sets that are allocated to tape or to disk. Specify the OUTPUT keyword to introduce a new output descriptor name.

The following topics describe the options that you can specify in an OUTPUT descriptor statement:


The following considerations apply to the OUTPUT command and its options:

  • Descriptor names must be unique and cannot exceed 8 characters.

  • UNLOAD PLUS processes all statements in the SYSIN data set sequentially. You can use more than one OUTPUT statement in a SYSIN data set, but each output descriptor must have a unique name. UNLOAD PLUS searches for a match between a descriptor on the list of output descriptors and the value or suffixed value of the UNLOADDN or FILEREFDN keyword. If a match occurs, UNLOAD PLUS merges the identified descriptor with the installation options that the $ADUOUTP module for the corresponding output data set specifies. If UNLOAD PLUS cannot find such a match, UNLOAD PLUS uses the default options.

  • Options that are specific to disk data sets and those that are specific to tape data sets are mutually exclusive.

  • You can specify the defaults for these options at installation in the $ADUOUTP macro for dynamic allocation of output data sets. For details about $ADUOUTP and these installation options, see Dynamic allocation installation options.

  • Ensure that the SELECT statement follows the OUTPUT command. If the SmartSwitch feature switches a job from UNLOAD PLUS to the Next Generation Technology Unload for DB2 for z/OS (NGT Unload) product and the SELECT statement precedes the OUTPUT command, the job fails.
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