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Generating control statements for DB2 or other software products

The following topics describe the control cards that you can generate by using the CNTLCARDS option:

The UNLOAD PLUS for DB2 product can generate customized control statements during unload processing to define the unloaded sequential files for direct use by LOADPLUS, DB2, or other software products.

You can use the CNTLCARDS command option to specify the type of control statements that UNLOAD PLUS generates. To get control statements during unload processing, you must specify a SYSCNTL DD statement in your JCL. UNLOAD PLUS writes these control statements to the SYSCNTL data set. (You can specify the CNTLDDN option on the UNLOAD command to rename the default ddname of the data set that contains the control statements.) All control statements that UNLOAD PLUS writes to the SYSCNTL data set are echoed in SYSPRINT.

The control statement generation feature of UNLOAD PLUS currently supports the following software products:

  • DB2 Version 10 or later

  • LOADPLUS version 10.1 or later

  • Easytrieve version 5.3

  • FOCUS version 6

  • NOMAD version 5.5

  • SAS version 5

  • SQL/DS

  • Teradata versions 4.1.1 and 4.1.2

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