Troubleshooting OS upgrade issues

This section discusses the issues that you might encounter during an OS upgrade, and their workarounds.

VMware Tools not installed

This applies to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 and 6, and CentOS 6. BMC Discovery on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7 ships with and uses open-vm-tools in preference to VMware tools. See BMC Discovery 11.3 Enhancements for more information.

If the VMware Tools were previously installed on the BMC Discovery appliance but no longer shows as installed, this might be the result of an OS or appliance upgrade. Because the appliance kernel is updated during an upgrade, you need to recompile VMware Tools to recognize the updated kernel.

To verify the VMware Tools status:

  1. From the BMC Discovery command line interface (CLI), run the following command:
    ps -ef | grep vmtoolsd
  2. If the vmtoolsd process is not running,  execute the following command as root user to recompile VMware Tools on the appliance:
    On newer versions of ESX (such as version 6), if prompted:
    • answer [no] to "Do you want to enable Guest Authentication (vgauth)? Enabling vgauth is needed if you want to enable Common Agent (caf)."
    • answer [no] to "Do you want to enable Common Agent (caf)?"
  3. Reboot the appliance for the changes to take effect.
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