This documentation supports the 9.1.04 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 and its patches is available here.

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Working with logs

View log locations for core CMDB components and enable, view, and analyze logs to troubleshoot issues in CMDB.

Logs and log file locations

The following table lists log file locations for the core CMDB components:

Core CMDB Component logDescriptionLog file locations
BMC CMDB web services logsYou can view log information to troubleshoot issues related to web service operations.

BMC CMDB web service logs:

  • If Tomcat path is bundled with BMC CMDB - AtriumCoreInstallationDirectory/shared/tomcat/logs/
  • If using your own Tomcat installation - TOMCAT_HOME/logs

BMC CMDB web services deployment logs:


CMDB Impact Simulator logsYou can view error messages and messages generated by the CMDB Impact Simulator plug-in, such as messages that notify you that CMDB Impact Simulator is starting up and that the CMDB Impact Simulator receiver started on a specific port number. 

(Windows) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\ARServer\Db/ais.log>

(UNIX) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\Db>/ais.log>

Reconciliation job logsYou can view information about the reconciliation job activities such as Identify, Compare, Merge, Copy, Delete, and Purge.

(Windows) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\ARServer\Db\re>

(UNIX) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\Db>

Normalization job logs

You can view errors from the following log files:

  • neAPI.log — Records the messages that are generated by the Normalization Engine API calls.
  • neContinuous.log — Records the messages that are generated by the Normalization Engine continuous job processing.
  • neJob.<DatasetId>.<NNNN>.log — Records the messages that are generated by the Normalization Engine batch job processing. The DatasetId component in the file name indicates the dataset ID on which the normalization activity is to be performed and the NNNN component is a four-digit sequence number, for example, neJob.BMC.SAMPLE.0000.log
  • nePluginServer.log — Records information, such as the Normalization Engine is starting up, the cache is loading up, and so on.

(Windows) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\ARServer\Db.neJob.log>

(UNIX) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\Db>

Service Context logs

You can view errors in the ServiceContext.log file (or in the AtriumPluginSvr.log file for upgraded servers)

(Windows) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\ARServer\Db.ServiceContext.log>

(UNIX) <AR System installation directory><\ARSystem\Db>

CMDB core components log information

The following topics provide information about the CMDB core component logs, customizing log file settings and about using the log file information to troubleshoot issues:

Overview and information for reference that you might find in a logContents of the logs
Change the log file settings from the CMDB Core Configurations screenChanging log settings for core CMDB components
Customize log settings in the plug-in server for various troubleshooting scenariosEnabling logs for the plug-ins server
Configure logging information about APIs and CMDB web servicesEnabling API and web services logs
Configure logging for Atrium Integrator plug-in server and view log locations for Atrium IntegratorConfiguring Atrium Integrator logs
Enable logging for Reconciliation Engine and troubleshoot common reconciliation logging issuesEnabling reconciliation job logs
View information about the CMDB related log files that are logged in Remedy Action Request SystemAR System server logs
Analyze, troubleshoot, and view examples of reconciliation logsAnalyzing Reconciliation job logs
View the installation and uninstallation log files for CMDB by using the maintenance tool Viewing the installation and uninstallation log files
Use the log viewer to perform searches, filter search results, and specify match criteria to refine a searchSearching in the log viewer

Configure log settings for shared plug-ins in CMDB

The following topics provide information about setting logs for shared plug-ins:

Configure the Event Channel settingsEvent Channel configuration settings
Configure the Dynamic Service Modeling settingsDynamic Service Modeling configuration settings
Configure the Unified Service Modeling settingsUnified Service Modeling configuration settings
Configure the Notification settingsNotification configuration settings
Configure the Deprecation settingsDeprecation configuration settings

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