This documentation supports the 9.1.04 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 and its patches is available here.

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Transferring data from external datastores to BMC CMDB

You can load data from database tables of a discovery source into BMC CMDB using Atrium Integrator. This data could include inputs, such as LDAP, BMC Remedy AR Systems forms, BMC Remedy ITSM forms, and those requiring complex staging tasks or complex data manipulations. The data is imported and transformed by creating jobs in Atrium Integrator or Atrium Integrator Spoon, which is the Pentaho Spoon application. BMC provides several sample jobs that you can use as a starting point. 

After you create a job you can edit the job using Atrium Integrator Spoon only. You cannot run clustered execution of transformations using Atrium Integrator Spoon.

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Allen Allbrook, who is the Calbro Services administrator wants to load data into BMC CMDB from the database tables of a discovery source.

The data includes information about processors, disk drives, and printers, which currently resides in multiple databases, flat files, and XML files at various locations across the globe. Calbro Services wants to transfer information from its various locations to their centralized database in New York.

Allen Allbrook, prepares a new data store connection in Atrium Integrator, creates and runs an Atrium Integrator job, verifies its success, and schedules the job to run repeatedly.

Before you begin

To prepare data to transfer into BMC CMDB, follow the process outlined in the following steps:

  1. Create a new source dataset to which you can migrate your source data.
    Datasets help in categorizing data by providers. 
  2. Reconcile your dataset with BMC.ASSET.
  3. Create index entries on the BMC_BaseElement class in the Class Manager application to improve the performance of Atrium Integrator.
    For instructions, see Specifying class indexes from the Class Manager.

Process Diagram

The process of transferring data to BMC CMDB is depicted with the help of the following diagram.

To transfer data from external datastores into BMC CMDB

To transfer data into BMC CMDB, follow the process outlined in the following steps. 

Step NoTaskDescription
1Configure the source and target connection.

You must define connection parameters (such as host name, port number, user name, and password) to your external data store and the CMDB. After you create a connection, you can reuse it for multiple transformations or jobs.

See Creating a data store connection for the data transfer.

2Create a job to import data

The Integration Job Builder wizard guides you through the process of creating a job or transformation. After you specify the source and the CIs that you want to import, the wizard makes recommendations on the relationships for the selected CIs.

See Creating a job through the Creating a job through the Integration Job Builder wizard.

3Modify the job using Atrium Integrator Spoon.

You can add intermediate steps for cleaning up or manipulating your data before adding it to the CMDB. Atrium Integrator Spoon provides support for JavaScript and a variety of prebuilt functions.

See Editing Atrium Integrator transformation steps.

4Verify and run the job.

If the job completes without any errors, verify that the data has been added to the appropriate CMDB class. If the job displays error messages, debug the job and run it again.

See Running an Atrium Integrator job

5Monitor the job.

After you create and run your job, you can monitor it. The Atrium Integrator console displays the job run information.

See Monitoring a job in Atrium Integrator

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