This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Setting the DSO option for BMC Atrium CMDB

After you have installed BMC Atrium CMDB, perform the following steps to import the DistributedCMDBTemplates to set the Distributed Server Option (DSO) for BMC Atrium CMDB.

For more information about distributed BMC Atrium CMDB, see Implementing Distributed BMC Atrium CMDB.

To set the DSO option for BMC Atrium CMDB

  1. Apply the DSO license to the source and destination servers.
  2. Set the DSL Local Password on the DSO Server tab in BMC Remedy AR System (Administration Console > System > General > Server Information > Connection Settings ).
  3. Uncomment the following lines in the armonitor.cfg file:
    "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\serverds.exe" -i
    "C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem" -m
  4. Restart the BMC Remedy AR System server.
  5. From the BMC Software\AtriumCore\<computerName>\cmdb\en\workflow\DistributedCMDBTemplates directory, open the src_distcmdb.def file.
  6. Search for the text string to-server : DESTINATION-SERVER in the destination mappings.
  7. Replace all 80 instances in the destination mappings with the name of the destination server.
    For example:
    to-server : vw-sjc-bsm-vm17


    Make sure that you do not replace DESTINATION-SERVER in the filter names.

  8. Save and close the file.
  9. Using BMC Remedy Developer Studio, import the workflow from the src_distcmdb.def file to the source and destination servers.
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