This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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SetDataset function

Sets or creates dataset with the specified properties. If the dataset does not exist, it is created. If the dataset exists, it is updated with the specified settings.



WSDL operation

<operation name="SetDataset" parameterOrder="inargs">
<input message="tns:SetDatasetRequest"
<output message="tns:SetDatasetResponse"
<fault message="tns:AtriumFault" name="AtriumFault"/>

WSDL messages

<message name="SetDatasetRequest">
	<part element="types:SetDataset" name="inargs"/>
<message name="SetDatasetResponse">
	<part element="common:StatusOutput" name="outargs"/>
<message name="AtriumFault">
	<part element="common:AtriumFault" name="errargs"/>

XSD schema

<element name="SetDataset">
			<element name="lang" type="string"/>
			<element name="coreDatasetId" type="string" />
			<element name="instanceId" type="string" 
				nillable="true" />
			<element name="datasetName" type="string" 
				nillable="true" />
			<element name="description" type="string" 
				nillable="true" />
			<element name="datasetType" type="tns:DatasetType" 
				nillable="true" />
			<element name="accessibility" type="tns:DatasetAccessType"
				nillable="true" />
			<element name="clientTypeList" 
				type="common:ArrayOf_String" nillable="true" />
			<element name="sourceDatasetId" type="string"
				nillable="true" />
			<element name="extensions" type="common:ExtensionsList"
				nillable="true" />
<element name="StatusOutput">
			<element name="status" type="impl:StatusList"/>
<element name="AtriumFault">
			<element name="serviceFault"
				type="tns:AtriumServiceFault" />
			<element name="backendFault"
				type="tns:AtriumBackendFault" />

Input arguments



The language of the product specific to the locale. If no language is specified, the default language is used.


The unique ID for the dataset. The dataset ID cannot contain a slash (tick), semicolon ((wink), or comma (,). If you do not provide an ID, the system generates a GUID to use for this ID. The dataset ID cannot be changed after the dataset is created.


The unique identifier.


The unique name for the dataset. The dataset name cannot be changed after the dataset is created.


The description of the dataset.


The type of dataset, Regular or Overlay. See DatasetType.


The level of accessibility for the dataset: Writable, Read-Only, or Writable by client only. This refers to whether instances can be created, modified, and deleted in the dataset. See DatasetAccessType (datasets).


The client IDs of each BMC Atrium CMDB client that can write to this dataset for the Writable by client only accessibility option. To allow all clients to write to this dataset, specify a NULL value in this argument. If you specify any IDs here, only those clients can create, modify, or delete instances in the dataset. Client IDs are integer values, and must be delimited by semicolons. For more information about the allowable values for this parameter, see the BMC Atrium Core 7.6.03 Installation Guide.


The source dataset ID for an Overlay type of dataset.


A list of extension types for the operation.


Return values



A list of zero or more notes, warnings, or errors generated from a call of this operation.


Fault message


Fault message

See Fault message.

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