This documentation supports the 9.1 to 9.1 Service Pack 3 version and its patches of BMC Atrium Core. The documentation for version 9.1.04 and its patches is available here.

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Promoting CIs and relationships from a Sandbox dataset

After you create new instances, modify instances, or delete instances in the Sandbox dataset, you must promote those changes to the production BMC Asset dataset.


In the Sandbox dataset, if you make changes to an attribute and another dataset with higher merge precedence has provided a value for this attribute, your changes to the attribute are not promoted. For more information, see:

Before you begin

After you finish editing instances in your Sandbox, you promote your changes to the production dataset. The Reconciliation Engine includes out-of-the-box rules to promote your changes from the Sandbox to the production dataset. To understand the promotion process, see Sandbox views and datasets.

To run a promotion

  1. In BMC Atrium Explorer, when you are finished working in the Sandbox dataset and are ready to promote changes to the BMC Asset dataset, click Promote Sandbox Changes in the toolbar.

    Promote Sandbox Changes works only with the Sandbox dataset.
  2. In the Promotion Preview Dialog, filter which instances to view.
    Promotion Preview Dialog

    The Promotion Preview Dialog enables you to view details of configuration item (CI) and relationship instances before you promote them to the BMC Asset dataset.

    Show > CIs and Relationships

    Shows all the instances to be promoted.

    Show > CIs

    Shows only the CI instances to be promoted.

    Show > Relationships

    Shows only the relationship instances to be promoted


    If you create a CI in the Sandbox dataset, click the CI and select Edit, and set the MarkAsDeleted attribute to Yes, the CI appears in the Promotion Preview Dialog as a newly created CI. However, if you delete the CI by clicking the CI and selecting Delete from Database, the CI is deleted and does not appear in the Promotion Preview Dialog. For more information, see Deleting CIs in BMC Atrium Explorer.

  3. Filter which actions to view.

    Show > All Actions

    Shows all the instances to be promoted.

    Show > New

    Shows only the newly created instances. These instances exist only in the Sandbox dataset.

    Show > Changed

    Shows only the instances that have been changed. These instances have been promoted previously but require changes before being promoted again.

    Show > Deleted

    Shows only the instances that have been deleted. Marked as deleted in the BMC Asset dataset is set to false and Marked as deleted in the Sandbox dataset is set to true.

  4. Filter which attributes are displayed in the left pane.
    You can easily compare instance values in the Sandbox dataset with values in the B*MC Asset* dataset.
    1. Select an instance in the left pane to see its details on the right pane.
    2. To compare the attribute values of the current selection between the Sandbox and BMC Asset sandboxes*,* select from the following actions:

      Show > All Attributes

      Compares all attribute values of an instance.

      Show > Edited Attributes

      Compares only those attribute values that have changed.

  5. Click Create Report to generate a report in .csv format that lists important CI and relationship details during promotion.
  6. When you are finished viewing the instances and actions, click Promotion to promote these instances to the BMC Asset dataset, or click Cancel.

    After the Promotion run, the status icons (for example, the star that indicates a new CI) are no longer displayed next to the instances in BMC Atrium Explorer. This is a visual indication to you that the instances exist only in the Sandbox view but not in the Sandbox dataset.
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